Summer and Chill

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The sun is blazing and the sweat is dripping. The kids are chasing down ice-cream trucks and running through sprinklers. Summer is in its peak and with it, the desire to keep ourselves as cool as possible! Men and women adorned in their professional duds are dodging the walks down the street as much as […]

Uniforms That Don’t Suck: Athleisure

Uniforms That Don't Suck Athleisure

What if you could be comfortable, look good and wear a uniform all at the same time? Well, now you can. The evolution of the uniform has come a long way. The major contributors being the current shifts in fashion trends and company culture. The fashion world is always evolving, with new trends emerging constantly. […]

3 Smartwatches You Don’t Want To Overlook

3 Smartwatches

Technology and fashion are coming together to bring us ‘wearable technology.’ A new advance in technology that everybody should keep their eye on. Whether it is for personal or business use, wearable technology is already evolving at such a fast rate, if you don’t hop on board now, you’ll be left behind… A huge category […]