An Open Letter to Promotional Product Buyers

Why you should work with a consultant. 8/29/2019 | Joel Schaffer, MAS, The Take Away – Originally published on Promocorner.com Dear Promotional Products buyer: I am sorry for calling you a buyer. After 52 years in promotional marketing, I recognize that you are not a buyer but you may be tasked with building your business […]

Brand Hijacking

Requests for artwork and designs using other brands’ intellectual property without permission—honest mistake or not—are a growing challenge for distributors. What’s the motivation behind the practice, known as brand hijacking, and how can industry companies address it? by Joseph Myers For Promo MarketingAugust 2019 Let’s open with a hypothetical scenario. A nonprofit client comes to you […]

Storytelling Builds Better Brands (For Promo Businesses and Their Clients)

By RJ Hagel for Storytelling is ingrained in each and every culture. It’s been part of our livelihood since the beginning of time. Stories—including the ones told through marketing—are consumed in different ways, and we build emotional connections not just with the story itself, but with the environments we consume them within. If I were […]

It’s Free. It’s Fun. Why Silicone Valley Loves Swag – and how it’s changing.

San Francisco Chronicle – by Carolyn Said  July 21, 2019 Scan your closets and drawers. Chances are, you’ll find T-shirts, tote bags and baseball caps emblazoned with logos and slogans of conferences you attended, products you bought, nonprofits you supported, companies that wanted to sell you stuff. A majority of Americans own branded pens, drinkware, […]

25 Facts about Promotional Products

Do you have a prospect that is considering incorporating promo products into their marketing mix but is maybe concerned about ROI? Let the facts do the talking! We’ve got 25 useful facts and stats to back up your sales and marketing strategy! Aaaand, we’ve pulled them together in a shareable infographic to help you show prospects and clients […]