Under Armour Gives New Meaning to the “ You Look Out of This World” Compliment

Last summer, we announced the arrival of Under Armour apparel to our Edventure Promotions catalog of products and since then, clients have been using this proven and popular brand to outfit their employees, gift their customers and promote their brand.  We found it especially interesting last week to learn that Under Armour is taking their business out of this world, and designing footwear and galactic-wear for future travelers to outer space!  Check out this great article by Hannah Abrams at Promo Marketing Magazine – and for those of you who are interested in the more earth-y uses for Under Armour apparel, give us a shout at team@edventurepromotions.com.  To infinity and beyond!

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Opportunity Alert: Halloween Running Races

From ‘spooktacular’ 5Ks to hard-charging pumpkin hauls and half marathons, October abounds with Halloween-themed races – and sales potential for promo distributors.

Fall Into Beanie Season

It’s that time of year when once again we all have to put our summer garments to the side and make way for something warmer. For some, the deterioration of warm weather feels like impending doom. For others it comes with a sigh of relief, knowing that the dog days of summer are finally over.

For us and your business, a new season translates to new opportunities. With every new season, comes new possibilities for promotional products. Yes, Autumn means colder weather…. But that also means it’s officially beanie season!

There is truly nothing worse than cold ears, am I right?

A warm beanie cap, as it is usually referred to, is a great product that can keep your customers warm allowing you to send cozy thoughts… while staying on trend.

A Beanie For You, A Beanie For Everyone


We admit. We have a major crush on the knit beanie this fall. However, we don’t believe in beanie monogamy, especially with the vast array of options out there today.

Beanies come in all shapes and sizes. Different colors, patterns, fabrics, and styles. They may fit snugly on the head, feature a stylish pom-pom, or hang at a perfectly slouched angle.

So how do you go about choosing which beanies to send your customers?

Here at Edventure, we’ve put together a number of beanie products that will ensure

your brand is the hero they need to power through the changing temperatures.

As we mentioned earlier, we are huge fans of knit beanies. Not only do knit beanies pair perfectly with a great over-sized scarf, but they also tend to be a solid remedy for a bad hair day! What better way to show your appreciation than to send your customers the gift of a (slightly) better hair day?



A cool cuff gives this knit beanie some personality, whereas this beanie comes with a removable pom, giving you two old school looks nailed in one.






Or to really keep you warm, check out this chunky-knit beanie complete with three team colors and a large pom pom. Perfect for cheering on your favorite team on the stands.




Looking for something with a bit more style? Well, this District, Slouch Beanie is no slouch when it comes to amping up your look. Perfect for fashionistas, and those who want to mix comfort with style.




If you’re more of a fleece person, don’t worry, there’s tons of fleece beanie options as well!

Whatever beanie you end up choosing, you’ll rest easy knowing you chose a product that leaves an impression – not only are there tons of options to satisfy anyone’s preference, but they’re on trend  AND they’re relatively inexpensive. Show people that you appreciate them and want them to stay cozy and warm, and they’ll be sure to respond to the gesture.

Through sending a branded beanie to consumers, you are motivating them to take action. The right incentive will encourage them to meet with a sales representative, try a new product, or attend a trade show booth.Take advantage of the seasons changing this year, and start with a beanie.


Want to see which branded beanie fits your needs? Contact us at 312.440.1800 or email team@edventurepromotions.com and we’ll be happy to send you samples 🙂

The Softest Sell: Fleece As A Branding Vehicle


Summer is coming to an end and we all know what that means…. Bring on pumpkin flavored everything, apple picking, bonfires, haunted houses, and other fall festivities.

So yes, we all know what fall means for ‘basic’ girls everywhere… but what about for your company?

What if you could be fashionable, comfortable and warm all at the same time?

Well with fleece you can, so it’s no surprise that it’s always on trend for fall weather apparel. Even those who mourn the end of summer welcome the comfort of the fabric when cold weather approaches.

Think about what clothing you wear most often, it’s probably something comfortable, right?

So why not be comfortable at work, too? That’s the great thing about fleece, it appeals to everyone and can be worn just about anywhere. By placing your logo on a stylish, soft, comfortable, fleece style, it’ll be worn again and again, adding value to fleece as a branding vehicle.

The Versatility Factor

Imagine a product that offers a no-nonsense simple solve to a mixture of fall and winter weather woes.

Fleece is exactly that. There are so many ways to wear it, whether it’s over a t-shirt, or a button down, as a jacket, or layered under a heavier piece for colder temperatures.

Layered looks are one area fleece excels in. Soft shell jackets— a layering necessity, provide style, warmth and performance in one.

It also adapts well to trends. Things like soft shells and seam-sealed jackets are no longer just for outdoor enthusiasts. In fact, there’s a continued demand for brands to breathe some functionality and technical performance into workplace and lifestyle apparel.

Additionally, 100% polyester fleece not only wicks moisture away from your body, but it looks sharp too! On the outside, it maintains its shape and color, on the inside, spun polyester is super soft and comfortable. Double whammy!

Three-in-one system jackets are another perfect way to conquer the changing temperatures of the season, arming you with two separate removable layers  to be worn as separates or combine the two as the third option (which can all be individually branded) to keep anyone warm and comfortable in varying environments.

Fleece is also stylish! Think ponchos, tunics, wraps and over sized shirts that can be paired with leggings for a comfy way to stay fashionable.

Fleece Items for Fall

Given its versatility and comfortability, there are endless products to choose from with fleece, so where should you start?
We have gathered a few of the most popular fleece options that will make anyone feel warm, comfortable, and stylish throughout the fall AND winter seasons.


Victory Hybrid Performance Fleece Jacket Styles:

Celebrate the everyday victories by sporting these hybrid performance fleece jackets. Combining lightweight polyester ripstop with moisture-wicking performance fleece, you’ll feel ready to achieve your daily goals with protection and style. Cover your core, without sacrificing mobility with journey style fleece vests.




Journey Fleece Styles

These journey style fleece jackets serve as the ultimate versatile pullover to keep you warm for any season. This lightweight jacket features ½ zip collar design to protect yourself on a cold windy day, heading to the gym, going out for a morning jog or simply walking to class or work.  If you are looking for a new go to jacket for the season, or simply looking for a new fleece to layer with while hitting the slopes, the Journey is your jacket! They are also available in vest style, for lighter coverage.






Gravity performance Fleece Jacket Styles

Loaded with Visual appeal and dynamic details, this performance fleece jacket incorporates contrast cover stitching design, while its audio port access accommodates your personal audio device when you’re on the go.




For more fleece products, search our online store http://www.edventurepromotions.com/shop or contact us at 312.440.1800!



Casual Friday’s Just Got A Lot More Casual with Athleisure

Casual Friday Athleisure

Friday’s are no longer the only casual day in the workplace. Clothing that was once considered strictly “active wear” is now spilling over into the business world.

This reveals a larger trend: The size of the athletic clothing market — or as retailers refer to as “athleisure,” has grown an average of 5% per year, rising from $54 billion to $68 billion over the past 5 years.

In fact, CEO’s are wearing sneakers to board meetings. Fashionable leggings are worn any day of the week. The idea of being comfortable has changed the culture in the American workplace.

Today, there are comfortable wardrobe lines run by big celebrities and popular name brands, allowing retailers everywhere to take note.

For the first time, consumers are mixing comfort with style. In 2015 alone, Americans spent close to $44 billion on “active wear.” That is up 16% from 2014, while denim sales are dropping by 5% or more per year, since 2013.

The sales numbers indicate that athleisure is not simply a fad. As the athleisure trend continues to grow, this takes us back to it’s relevance in the workplace.

When it comes to workplace apparel, it is very common to see co-workers and employees wearing yoga pants or joggers with hoodies. But how can you use this rising trend to your advantage in the office?

In this article, we are going to take a look at how athleisure items can be used to boost company morale, what it means for your productivity to have even happier employees, and we’ll recommend three athleisure items that can be used for employee incentives and company perks.

Let’s dive in.


Using Athleisure To Boost Company Morale

Every company has contests, incentives, and perks throughout the year to promote a healthy competitive and supportive culture.

Casual Friday's AthleisureWhat better way to enhance those experiences than with items that your employees already love? Yes, that is where athleisure comes into play.

It’s proven that the more useful a promotional item is the happier the person is to receive it, even more so if they are an employee.

Click here to read more about If Promotional Products Are Really Kept?


That’s why you will see an extra lift in enthusiasm during one of your company’s next activities. The specific type of activities that athleisure items are perfect for include:

  • Sales Contest
  • Internal Competitions within different departments
  • Quarterly and Yearly Awards


Happy Employees Do More

The days of paying employees a LOT of money to make them more productive is out the window. Although, pay does have a part in it, it’s the happiness factor that really determines how productive an employee is.

A study conducted by economists at the University of Warwick, found that happy workers produced a 12% spike in productivity, while they saw a 10% decline in unhappy workers.

Companies like Google have made large investments in employee support and employee satisfaction. In return, Google saw a 37% rise in productivity, suggesting that pay isn’t the only factor in producing productive employees.

We are not saying you have to invest like you are Google, but simple things like giving employees more of what they want and like…will, without question, make them happier.

Comfortable employees make for happy employees. Athleisure provides that extra bit of comfort, ultimately boosting happiness and productivity in the workplace.


What Athleisure Items To Use

There are hundreds of items to choose from when you are thinking of making your employee comfortable, but where to start?

We have put together a few popular items in the athleisure category that will make anyone feel relaxed and fashionable at the same time.


  • Women and Men’s Athleisure Polo’s 

Gauge PoloButtoned-down doesn’t mean boring in this stretch, energized polo. This jersey with stay-cool wicking technology has the OGIO heat transfer label for tag-free comfort. It’s also fashionable with a self-fabric button-down collar and a stand 4-button placket with metal buttons.

Women Athleisure Polo’s

Men Athleisure Polo’s 



  • Women and Men’s ¼ Zip Pullover 

Endurance NexusStay-cool both physically and fashionably with this pullover by OGIO. The jersey body with poly/spandex mesh panels provide a reflective taping at the zipper and the back panel to help be seen at night. The mesh at center back and underarms give your body the ability to breath. The OGIO Endurance heat transfer label gives you a tag-free comfort. For the colder months, the modified raglan sleeves with thumbholes provide the extra warmth you need.

Women One Fourth Zip Pullover

Men One Fourth Zip Pullover


  • Women’s Eco Mock Twist Locker Room Pullover 

EcoMockTwistLockerRoomThe pullover uses recycled and washed polyester/cotton fabric. It has raglan sleeves, a slight high/low hem and slits on the side seams. The hem is ribbed. Not only is this pullover comfortable, but it looks good too.

Women’s Eco Mock Twist Locker Room Pullover

Dressing Your Company For Success Without Breaking The Bank


Not too long ago, dressing professionally meant a suit-and-tie or a dress or skirt or pants suit. Today, the most successful businesses can be found with a t-shirt wearing executive team. No Jacket Required is understood which also means neckties are a thing of the past.  

Oxford shirts used to be the standard business shirt, with the starched collars and the button-down look.  If you were in business, you had a closet full of them.  

But, odds are that if you are working male and not a lawyer, or banker,  your closet is probably  has button-down shirts lined up next to each other awaiting their turn in the rotation. What’s most interesting is that you’ll be hard-pressed  to tell the difference between a high-dollar dress shirt and a private label brand which  costs significantly less

So if you can’t tell the difference when they’re hanging in the closet, why are you paying top dollar for your business shirts?

The tide is turning in what we wear for business.  

For the longest time, formal suits with corresponding dress shirts were the uniform, then polo shirts and t-shirts with or without jackets.  

Now, more and more companies are going back to sharp, clean dress shirts, with the company logo, for their teams.  And it can be confusing when choosing which type of Oxford shirt to buy for your team.  

Is it about the price and retail brand or about what feels good to your touch and looks good when you’re wearing it? Do you go high-dollar or low-dollar?  How important is 100-percent cotton versus a polyester blend?  Do you need to spend a lot of money on those shirts?  The answer is no.


The Truth About Oxford Shirts

The truth is there is a finite number of manufacturers of woven dress shirts in the world and they produce the expensive Brooks Brothers shirts on the same assembly line as the brands you can buy at a big-box retailer.  

The style is the same, the fashionable colors are the same and they all, basically, look the same.  

The difference between expensive woven shirts and less expensive versions comes down to  fabric, some style details and most of all…the marketing dollars woven into the cost of the shirt. THAT is where the expense really lies.  

There’s no question a dress shirt made of 100-percent cotton is going to be more expensive and the higher the thread count, the more expensive it is.  

It’s also going to wrinkle more and be harder to iron.  And how many business people do you see ironing their shirts in a hotel room while on a business trip?  Almost none.

Another option is a dress shirt made from 60-percent cotton, 40-percent polyester.  The finish is the same as a higher-thread-count cotton shirt, with the same sheen, but it definitely wrinkles less.  

Poly-blends are warmer, and in the olden days, they didn’t breathe as well. But not true these days with the performance fabrics used to make blends and shirts of 100% synthetic fabrics.,As is true with 100-percent cotton shirts, there are different levels of quality in all fabric contents

The second difference is in marketing. Companies like Brooks Brothers and Ralph Lauren spend millions each year to sell their very expensive dress shirts, along with the rest of their clothing line.  

On the other hand, , Red House and Port Authority spend almost nothing. These are the private label brands that use the leverage of the Promotional Products market to drive brand recognition and demand. Obviously, if these brands weren’t top quality, they wouldn’t have the success they experience today.

Take a look at these 3 shirts. Can you guess which one is Brooks Brothers?



Quality is King

The quality of big-name expensive dress shirts often doesn’t match the amount of money you’re spending.  You’d expect a shirt you paid big bucks for will wear like iron, but you might be disappointed.  

In an article for Consumerist, one writer found his Brooks Brothers shirts didn’t make it very long before they started showing wear; that experience isn’t isolated.  

At the same time, others have found less expensive shirts lasted longer.


Making The Decision

Regardless the type of Oxford shirt you choose for your company or for your personal closet, it’s important to look at samples.  Think about the last time you went shopping for clothes.  

All around are men and women in front of mirrors with the fashion of their choice, feeling the fabric and seeing what it’ll look like on them.  

Touch, feel and look are as important, if not more, than fabric, brand name and cost.  If you choose shirts that feel scratchy or don’t wash well, they won’t be worn.  So getting samples can mean all the difference in your choice.

Only the most reliable promotional products companies will send you samples to try out.


Do you want a sample? We will send you one, so you can see the difference.