Onboarding in 2019: What a Knock-Out First Day Should Look Like

** Edventure Promotions note:  A well-designed and stocked Welcome Kit can create a connection to the company culture, make an employee feel like part of the team, provide the tools and documents they need for success and send a message about your brand and values.  The return on investment of this type of onboarding tool has been proven to far outweigh the cost of replacing an employee.  

By Rich Henson for Human Resources Today – January 16, 2019

The first days and weeks when new employees come to work are a make-or-break time for their success with you. 

A positive welcoming experience puts them at ease and reinforces that joining your company was a good choice. That breeds loyalty – a key component of a stronger workforce, and an essential characteristic of what keeps organizations going strong.

Thankfully, loyalty is contagious. On the other hand, just a few crucial early missteps can leave newcomers second-guessing everything.

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4 Onboarding Tactics to Increase Retention and Inspire Unwavering Loyalty

By: Heidi Lynne Kurter – Forbes Magazine

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It’s Sweet to Meet You

Success means different things to different people. But one fact is universal: Real success is impossible without building relationships. Great relationships are the foundation of every great company.

Whether it’s with your employees, your current clientele or prospective clients… furthering the relationships within your business can foster significant results. And the best part? It’s fairly simple.

Add Value to Your Current Relationships:

A business cannot succeed without support from loyal clients. Every interaction between an employee and customer is a business opportunity. This is why it’s absolutely vital for you to actively maintain and develop your current business relationships.

Here’s one idea…

At Edventure, we’ve recently started what we’re calling our “Sweet-to-Meet-you program.” Designed to consistently deliver a reason for your sales exec’s to visit clients every month, the program offers 3,6, or 12 month options to deliver (personally or drop-ship) candy refills to replenish a branded jar each month.… providing both candy, an opportunity to see your clients face-to-face, supported with brand recognition by imprinting your logo on the jar.

Increase Business by Increasing Employee Engagement:

Did you know that only 32% of U.S workers were engaged in their jobs in 2016, compared to 31.5% the previous year?

Did you know that companies with engaged employees outperform those without by up to 202%?

Employee engagement has become a top issue on the minds of business leaders everywhere, directing us to an entirely new model of management. But what does employee engagement mean exactly?

Group of business partners looking at smiling female explaining her ideas at meeting


Take a look around your office… do your employees seem happy? Do they genuinely care about the business? Will they stick around when the going gets tough?

The answer depends on the extent to which employees feel passionate about their jobs, are committed to the organization, and put discretionary effort into their work…. or in other words the level of employee engagement taking place in your business.

Most managers are simply unaware of the lack of engagement taking place at their company. As a matter of fact, while 58% of managers feel they give enough feedback, 65% of employees said they wanted more feedback.

So how can you ensure you’re keeping your employees fully engaged? According to a recent employee engagement study conducted by marketing group 15Five, engagement levels went up dramatically when employees received feedback about their weaknesses, and even more so for feedback about strengths.

The perfect way to give positive feedback and show your employees that you’ve noticed their hard work is through the use of promotional products.

Reward Ideas:

Build New Relationships the Right Way:

Promotional products have been a popular choice for building brand recognition for many years… and for good reason!

The British Promotional Merchandise Association (BPMA) has conducted several surveys and done research that provides evidence that there is a direct correlation between promotional product advertising and an improvement in brand recognition and an increase in sales.

In addition to brand awareness and better sales, incorporating promotional products into your marketing yields measurable returns.. In fact, the ROO (Return on Objective) and ROI (Return on Investment) on promotional products delivered better results than radio and outdoor advertising, and is equal to TV and print. Check out our strategy Tradeshow Bait featuring an ROI calculator, and see for yourself how you can hook new clients.’

Make 2017 your best year year… starting with Edventure.

Call us at 312.440.1800 or email Team@EdventurePromotions.com and we’ll send you samples and help you increase your engagement!  

What If You Could Keep Your Clients in ‘Good Spirits’ All Year Long?

The holiday season always sneaks up on us. Soon, we’ll be wrapping gifts, stringing lights, and singing along to festive tunes. Despite busy schedules, it is important for your business to take advantage of what the holiday season has to offer. The good news: it is not too late to start planning.

Customers are what make the wheels of your business turn. So no matter what type of business you have, it’s absolutely necessary for your clients to know their value to it. The key… build relationships with loyal customers. A simple way to start building these relationships? Corporate gifts.

However, for those who want to send customers a sincere gesture of appreciation this holiday season, that presents a challenge: how can you pick gifts that people won’t just appreciate, but that they’ll also love?

Don’t fret. We’re here to help. You’re not too late to be on time…

Forget Lame Corporate Gifts

When it comes to corporate gifting, the key is not simply to send anything, but rather to do so thoughtfully and strategically. Did you know 82% of corporate gift receivers keep products that are practical? Yes, you read it correctly, but I’ll repeat: they keep products that are PRACTICAL. This means that the amount of thought you put into your corporate gifts this season will directly impact your business, so it’s important that you start thinking about it as early as possible. If you aren’t already brainstorming, start now. And let us help you do so!

As someone with a severe allergy to clutter, most “corporate” gifts don’t do much for me. But a fun beverage accessory adds a special touch to any gathering, big or small. Whether your client’s preference is beer, wine, or something a bit harder, giving the gift of alcohol is great, yet usually short lived.

Sure, everyone likes getting a bottle of their favorite something during the holidays, but most of the time there’s no shortage of beverages being passed around. So in place of gifting actual alcohol, check out some of these accessories that your booze-loving customers can enjoy for countless nights.

Grabbing Booze By The Horns


Talk about client engagement! What better way to keep the holiday spirit alive than by holding your very own beer tasting? With Bullware Beer Flight Kits, send your customers the gift of a good time. The kit includes four 250ml glasses and a wood serving paddle with chalkboard paint allowing for easy identification. With every new tasting, your brand will be front and center for everyone to see how thoughtful you are!ice

For the mixologist in everyone, gifting out specialty items to add a little extra to the mix is a lot simpler than you think. Sure, you could easily send your clients a bottle or two… But that’s just like any other weekend (well, uh, not for me, but for some people I know). For the holiday season, you want to invest in a gift that keeps on giving with gotta-have pieces to enhance drinks for cozy get-togethers among friends and more.

See anything you like? Well… we have a lot more where that came from!

Call 312-440-1800 or email us at team@edventurepromotions.com today and we’ll help you prepare for the holidays!

Sweeten Your Sales

Once you gain a client, you want to keep that client right? For many, this isn’t the easiest thing. It takes strategy, organization, and drive to manage these relationships to ensure that your client comes back to you time and time again.

According to the Harvard Business School, increasing customer retention rates by 5 percent increases profits by 25 to 95 percent. Even the lower of that number is considerable, and well worth striving for.

As we approach the holiday season, there is one easy and effective way to raise your retention rates: corporate gifts. This brings us to a whole new issue… what the hell are you supposed to buy? Just as with any other business decision, choosing the right corporate gift is all about strategy. You must choose something that will be appreciated, utilized and remembered by your client.

Edventure is about to make gift-giving deliciously simple.

To really tickle your customers taste buds, send them something they can consume.

In general, food is an ideal gift for almost all promotional applications, particularly in the fourth quarter. It’s clearly a universal need. Everybody needs food, everybody enjoys food. Not only does it contain mass appeal, but it has a high perceived value AND it’s satisfying.

Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, everything… and we mean everything… involves food. During the holiday season, food gifts bring happiness and a sense of calming to a usual hectic time. Treats such as fresh-baked cookies tap into the senses – taste, smell, sight, bringing back memories of good times and holiday cheer.

Whether you’re a man, woman, young or old, they provide a non-gender specific gift that creates goodwill. Food gifts satisfy a diverse audience and therefore make perfect gifts for your clients and business partners. When they’re enjoyed one holiday, they’re pretty much expected the next, making food related gifts a renewable program year to year.

The Season of Sharing

Begin the holiday season early this year, food gifts pair perfectly with the tastes of thanksgiving. This year along with Christmas cheer, send November gratitude.




Reward those who deserve it most with this wide array of gourmet favorites. Overflowing with delicious treats, this gift has something for everyone to share. It’s a gift they’ll enjoy at once and remember throughout the year.

Sometimes, small treats make a big impact, and these certainly will.  Packed with 6 Oreo cookies, covered in milk, white and dark chocolate, into a silver gift box, foil stamped with your logo ororeos promotional message in one of four colors and finished with a matching satin ribbon.

Paint an image your clients will never forget with this creative marketing solution or if you’re more into variety, send them this tower, featuring three boxes filled with
almondsChocolate Covered Pretzels, fresh baked large Chocolate Chip Cookies and gourmet Pistachios. A perfect gift for a deserving client that shows your appreciation!

Looking for something a bit healthier, but that still satisfies your sweet tooth?
Chocolate covered almonds are the way to go. Salty, nutty, and chocolatey… can’t get much better than that.


The best thing about edible gifts is that they have application across all markets.

Call us at 312.440.1800 or email team@edventurepromotions.com and we’ll send you some delicious samples that’ll guarantee you’ll be remembered.

Imagine If It Was Green All Year Long


What would Mother Nature think of your company? Today, the state of the environment remains a hot topic, and people everywhere are putting in effort to live greener.  In a recent survey, nearly 90% of respondents said they do what they can to live an environmentally friendly lifestyle. Additionally, according to a survey from Good. Must. Grow, 60% of people interviewed stated that purchasing products from socially responsible companies was important to them.

So, how does this influence your business in 2016?

Imagine if there was a way to sell your brand AND help the environment.

If you’re not already thinking green, now is a good time to start. Be the leader in producing less waste, less cost, and do so while increasing brand exposure! Sustainable and eco friendly products help express your company’s values and send the message that you are environmentally conscious.

According to a study done by the Advertising Specialties Institute, 42% of people favored advertisers if the promotional product they received was environmentally friendly in some way.

It’s not too late to begin rethinking your promotional products strategy to include more sustainable options. Letting your customer know that your brand cares about the environment.

Essential to creating brand awareness, promotional products will tell  a powerful message about who you are. So, by choosing sustainable products, you’ll let your customers and potential customers know that your business is eco-friendly and socially responsible.

Grow Your Business While Growing Your Business

Did you know that many offices fall short of the recommended humidity range for human health and comfort?

Did you know low interior humidity can lead to increased fatigue, respiratory discomfort and an overall drop in workplace well-being?

Did you know that live interior plants help workers complete tasks with more focus and efficiency, according to a study published in the Journal of Environmental Horticulture?

Findings from the study showed that productivity increased by 12 percent in the presence of plants. Additionally, people tested in the room with plants reported feeling about 10 percent more attentive after the task than those tested without plants.

Go green with Goofy Grow Pot Eco-Planters. Not only are these pots cute, but they are made from reclaimed organic materials.. aligning perfectly with the green movement.

The Easiest Way to Stay Sustainable

It’s true. Environmentally friendly items boost your overall marketing strategy by demonstrating your brand’s values. Through implementing eco-friendly promotional products in your brand’s overall marketing strategy, you are appealing to the majority of consumers and potential clients that champion green-living, thus improving your brand image.

toteThe best part? Sustainable living is simple.

Everybody knows that plastic bag waste is destroying the environment.  An extremely beneficial alternative to using plastic bags is switching to eco friendly promotional journalproducts like reusable tote bags. This personalized tote made of 100% cotton, so it’s completely biodegradable; not to mention all the plastic bag waste you’ll be eliminating.

Additionally, this journal provides an earth friendly way to keep notes and stay organized.


Call or email us to get some samples and see for yourself how easy being green really is!  Call us at 312.440.1800 or email us at team@edventurepromotions.com