B2B Marketing Strategies For The New Year


By Tom Tauli for Forbes Magazine

Marketing in the B2B world is always tough. Let’s face it, the topics can be a bit dry, at least compared to the consumer segment.

So with the year coming to a close, it’s a good idea to think about new approaches. What are customers looking for? What will resonate?

To get some answers to these questions, I reached out to various marketing experts. Here’s what they had to say:

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When Chicago Gives You Lemons, It’s Time to Make Lemonade


Beginning February 1st, 2017, a checkout tax of 7 cents per bag was officially added at all Chicago retailers, from massive chain stores to mom-and-pops — as the city’s latest bid to curb the use of disposable bags.

While city retailers get ready to administer this new tax, consumers need to start gearing up to bring their own bags… or foot the bill. So you’re probably wondering why we brought this up. You have enough to deal with, why would you want to be bothered by this?

What if there was a silver lining? What if the Chicago bag tax was actually beneficial for you and your business.

Surprise surprise, it is!

Through investing in reusable bags, not only are you promoting your brand as being socially responsible and caring about the state of our planet, but you’re saving money and branding your business all at the same time. It’s a win-win-win situation… for you.

According to Ipsos, a global independent market research company, 71% of adults consider themselves aware of the positive or negative impact the products they buy have on the environment, with 57% stating that this is something they consider on a daily basis. This presents you with an opportunity… to show your customers that you share their concern, and that by trusting your brand, they are a supporting a company that is actively involved in improving the state of our environment.

Today, more than ever, people are taking an active role in the purchase of Eco-friendly and sustainable products. So it makes sense for your business to clasp onto that passion and promote it with your own logo.

Still not impressed?


Not only are they beneficial on an ethical level, but they also have an advantage when it comes to aesthetic. Reusable bags come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, leaving personalization completely in your hands! You are able to match colors and styles to the rest of your marketing strategy, and provide bags that individuals genuinely want to carry around.

Not only that, but reusable bags represent walking billboards for your brand, as they are taken to school, work,the grocery store, and basically any other daily activity that requires an extra pair of hands. Thus, your audience extends beyond the owner of the bag, and involves friends, coworkers and anonymous passer-by’s who will be thoroughly impressed by the versatile and Eco-friendly product that has your company name on it.

Another great feature? Many reusable bags can be folded and stuffed into small carry pouches for you to clip onto your car keys, handbag, or briefcase. This means that your customers have a bag ready to go whenever they need to head down to the supermarket or clothes store, with your logo across it.

At this point, there really isn’t a good enough reason not to invest!

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Beyond the Pen

digital composite of hand holding smartphone with vignettes

Winning at Tradeshows is no easy game. In fact, what might seem like one of the easiest decisions associated with trade shows… Is actually a lot more complicated. That decision being giveaways. An emerging promotional product trend in 2017 is that prospects are expecting higher-quality giveaways altogether… which means higher expectations for you and your company to live up to.

So how do you make sure you don’t fall short? Well, we’re here to help you turn some of those trade show giveaways into actionable leads.

We organized the process, named Tradeshow Bait into three simple steps. Cast Bait, Set the Hook, and Reel ‘em in!

The Bait is what you use to capture the attention of that specific audience you are trying to engage. It doesn’t really have to be shiny and spin, but it does need to be relevant and have some sort of utility or usefulness to its intended audience. The key is choosing the bait that will attract the type of customer you are trying to catch, rather than a bait that any prospect would bite at.

Bait should be items costing you less than $5.00/ea.

Possible BAIT Options




Upgrade your ear buds for these bright colorful ones, including a mic on the cable that allows you to talk on the phone hands-free.




phone stand



Either suction to the back of your phone or tablet and use as a stand, or remove the suction cup cover altogether to plug into an audio jack and use with two sets of ear buds!




fruit bottle



Looking to add flavor to your favorite drink? Check out this USA-made, BPA-free sports bottle with twist-on lid with flip-top drinking spout, including a twist-on fruit infuser.




Next, comes the Hook. The Hook is the call-to-action that asks your prospects to take the next step. Attached to the Bait, the Hook is often presented as a hang tag, an insert card or printed directly on the item. The hook essentially asks your prospect to do something specific.

Typically, the most successful Hook’s will lead your prospect to a custom designed landing apge which creates the ability to track activity and measure the engagement of your Promo-bait campaign.

So once you’ve lured their engagement with a measurable call to action, it’s time to reward. The Reel, presented on your Hook, is a high perceived value item that compels your prospect to take your call to action. The Reel creates the next opportunity to engage with your prospect. The most effective way to do this is to deliver the Reel in person.

Possible REEL Optionsswell bottle


Your beverages just got a whole lot better. Drinks stay cold for 24 hours and hot for 12… without any condensation on the outside, ever.  Keep your ice cold and your steam trapped with the perfect cap for leakage prevention





Hold your own beer tasting with this beer flight, which includes four 250ml glasses and a wood serving paddle painted with chalkboard paint so that you can easily identify which brew you are tasting.


We’ve suggested this process countless times to clients, and each time, it’s ended in success. Not only is it easy to follow, but the results are tangible and measurable… ensuring no money wasted!

Interested in learning more about our tradeshow bait? Visit www.tradeshowbait.com where you can even calculate your next campaign with our ROI calculator and find out if it’s really worth investing money in.

Call 312.440.1800 or email team@edventurepromotions.com and we’d love to help you through the process and make sure you get the results you’re looking for!

What If Giving Thanks Could Improve Your Business?

Hand writing in paper note on cork board background

Unfortunately, Thanksgiving is over, but giving thanks shouldn’t be. Thanksgiving provides us time to pause and really reflect on all the things we have to be thankful for in our lives. But the truth is, giving thanks shouldn’t be confined to just one season. By only focusing on the larger, less frequent events, you run the risk of overlooking daily blessings and ultimately end up missing opportunities to appreciate the richness of everyday life.

Did you know spending time each day focusing on gratitude can have a huge impact on your health and well-being throughout the year?

In fact, those who express gratitude are 25 percent happier, more optimistic, and better sleepers according to research from Robert Emmons, author of Thanks! How the New Science of Gratitude Can Make You Happier.

Not only can thankfulness improve your health, but it will also impact your business!  Showing appreciation should be a regular year-long practice at any company. Expressing gratitude to clients, employees, the community and other stakeholders pays off for all sides, boosting happiness quotients and ROI.

According to a new study, companies with high levels of employee engagement grew year-to-year income by 19 percent, while businesses with disengaged employees fell by 33 percent.

That’s a fairly large return on something that’s essentially free. It’s not the monetary value here, but rather putting an emphasis on the appreciation factor. Thus, expressing your gratitude doesn’t require you to spend hundreds upon thousands of dollars. Instead, small businesses can find meaningful ways to show thanks to their key business partners, clients, and employees and build stronger relationships in the process.

Little Things Matter Most:

Often times, people assume that acknowledging the “small stuff” won’t amount to much. However, it is actually the micro choices which exponentially grow into macro results. Gratitude and ensuring people know you notice their contribution is no different.

As humans, we naturally respond positively to acknowledgement. And thus, through expressing gratitude to the people helping your business thrive, you are naturally guiding them to better performance.

One “ratio” worth mentioning is the 80/20 rule; and that is 80% of your business usually comes from 20% of your customers- so before you go chasing new customers, why not make sure you thank the current ones.

And finally, people will remember less of what you said and more of how you said it if delivered in a grateful way. People remember the feeling you gave them, not necessarily the words.

So how can you pay it forward?

For clients:

  • Send handwritten thank you letters accompanied by a personal touch (such as some delicious chocolate covered almonds or assorted nuts)
  • LISTEN attentively to your customers, do more asking than telling, and retain some of their personal details
  • Be respectful of their time
  • Send out reminder gifts to prospective and current clients.
  • Send sympathy, holiday and birthday cards & gifts
  • Focus on the small victories and events

For employees:

  • Always listen to their ideas and be grateful and appreciative.
  • Show gratitude when they successfully complete a task and share their accomplishments with the rest of the organization (one way to effectively do this….  Rewards highlighting their achievements)
  • Treat mistakes as learning opportunities
  • Host holiday parties and other events to increase employee engagement (don’t forget to incorporate corporate gifts into the mix)
  • Send out small gifts year-round to show gratitude… something as simple as their favorite candy or bluetooth speaker

Confirmed: Beer Makes People Happier


Gift-giving can be tricky, especially when you don’t really know the person you are buying for. Often in business settings, we don’t get the opportunity to see what our clients or business partners might like or dislike, which only adds an extra challenge in selecting the perfect gift. It’s hard enough to come up with gifts for those we do know well, let alone those we only know in a working capacity.

Drinking does wonders for the soul. It helps people take a load off and relax. It helps people reduce stress levels. It allows people to have fun when they’re over concerned with issues regarding work, family, friends, etc. But let’s be real here for a second: Alcoholism = BAD. However, according to a new set of studies, alcohol really does put the happy in happy hour…. In moderation of course.

Researchers from the University of Kent in the United Kingdom looked at how the relationship between happiness and drinking changes over time in two studies. In the first study, they used traditional survey methods, tracking how often they drank and changes in their mood in order to assess happiness levels and drinking habits of participants over a week-long period. In the second study, they used an innovative iPhone app to track moment-to-moment changes while the participants were enjoying happy hour.

So this holiday season, give your clients something to smile about.. Literally.

Leaving an Impression Starts with the Bottle Opener:

For many, beer is quite possibly the greatest creation on Earth. It improves our daily lives in just one sip. And with the holidays just around the corner, what better way to show clients you care than through beer? Because let’s be honest, beer is a great gift anytime of the year.

For beer lovers, the holidays mean an opportunity to get their hands on new toys to fuel their obsession. But don’t go beer shopping without some idea of what you’re looking for. With hundreds of labels staring back at you, there’s just too much going on to sort through it all.

No, we don’t actually mean send out a 6 pack of local suds, that won’t leave the kind of impression you’re looking for. So, what are we saying exactly?

The answer is simple: Don’t get beer. Get something beer-related. Unlike a six pack, these presents have staying power and broad appeal. Let us help you figure out which beer-related gifts to invest in this year.

Magnets and coasters are the perfect way to get your logo and message seen again and again, in a clever and creative way. Additionally, beer mug shaped stress relievers can help relieve stress during the workday before you can enjoy the liquid version.


pint-glassIf you’re looking for something with a bit more value to impress your clients, check out these stainless steel pint glasses, perfect at dining tables, picnics, outdoor events, the workplace, schools, camping and hiking. A great, stylish, alternative to plastic and glass cups! 


pitcherThis 60-ounce pitcher has a pour stout for ultimate convenience. Ideal for restaurants, catering services and banquets! Or try out these etched imprint European glasses, a classy option to really impress your clients.

Ready for a refill? Our double-wall stainless steel barrel mug will keep beverages at desired temperature.




Everybody loves a good beer stein glass. Whether you’re looking for something casual and fun, or simple and classic, we have tons of options. We even have stein glass shaped shot glasses for those that prefer the hard stuff.


Need help choosing the right products to fit your brand image?

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Give The Gift of Life, Battery Life That is…

digital composite of hands holding smartphones

How long could you live off the grid? And how much business would you lose if you did? Nowadays, phones are more important than ever. Not just that, but people are beginning to use multiple tech devices throughout the day. And nothing… literally nothing, is more annoying than a dead battery.

According to Pew Research, 30% of cell-phone owners describe their phones as something they can’t live without. Additionally, 67% of cell-phone owners check their phones for messages, alerts, or calls, even when they don’t notice it vibrating or ringing.

Phones, along with the rest of our favorite tech gadgets, have become embedded into our everyday lives. We constantly need them charged and ready to go – and when they’re not… things can get pretty frustrating.

As the holidays get closer and closer, so do the deadlines for holiday gifting. Every business knows, or at least should know, relationships matter. Building and maintaining relationships are what keep your company afloat and are absolutely essential to making sales. So this holiday season, let the people who support and patronize your business know how much you appreciate them. Start catering to your customers’ technology needs with custom power banks.

Not only are power banks compatible with every phone, whether it’s iPhone, Android, Motorola, HTC, etc., but you can also use them to charge GPS devices, iPad’s, and other tablets.

Turn a cool tech gift into a useful marketing tool. Every time recipients charge up their phone or tech device (so… most likely daily), they’ll be reminded of your business! Plus, power banks come in virtually all shapes, sizes, colors and patterns. You can design power banks to fit your brand and campaign perfectly, no matter what your end goal is.

Bigger Isn’t Always Better

Yes. They’re small, slim and sleek… but don’t let their size fool you, power banks are able to fully charge iPhones or other tech devices in the most convenient way possible. With the amount of time professionals spend on the road, in the air, and in hotel rooms, power banks are the perfect travel accessory – making them excellent executive gifts.

It’s one of the best ways to reinforce your innovative thinking. Remember the right product can help tell your story, and your story is what people will remember about your brand. Whether you’re looking for something simple and effective to get the job done or you’d prefer something with a bit more spark, Edventure has got you covered.

So… how can you make sure you truly get the best bang for your buck? Let us help you with that, I mean, it is our job.

power-banks1Sometimes, basic really is best. Both our
Aluminum Power Tube and our Double Flat Power Bank provide just the right amount of charge, and are small enough to take with you anywhere.

Looking for something with a bit more flare? Two-in-one power banks offer exactly that. This multi-function 2 watt aluminum power bank can charge your smartphone and doubles as a LED flashlight, for all your lighting needs.

powerbank2Charge your electronic device AND listen to music while on the go with
this rechargeable power bank and speaker. OR simultaneously charge both your tablet and smartphone, with the multi-functional 900 mAh power bank featuring a compact design perfect for those on the move!

speakerThe flat build on
this power bank allows for a large imprint area, and an easy fit for laptop cases, briefcases and purses. It also features an LED flashlight and power indicator lights,

Compact chargers, of all shapes and sizes, keep mobile devices powered up, whether they’re being used for streaming music, checking email, or watching video. So no matter what your customer is doing, your company will remain top of mind all day long.


Find out how much energy the battery in your device can store by clicking here.

Still not sure which power bank will work best for you? Call us today at 312.440.1800 or email us at team@edventurepromotions.com and we’ll send over some samples 🙂