The Psychology of Colors in Marketing

By Dashburst for Do you feel serenely calm when surrounded by green fields and blue skies? Have you ever asked what does the color red represent and why you feel slightly alarmed when staring at a red stop sign? Color psychology study’s hues as a determinant of human behavior, and it is used by […]

The Year of the Straw

by Taylor Borst , Taylor’s Take (From For those in the promo industry, this is an obvious statement…2019 is the year of the straw. While opinions fall all over the board, there’s no doubt that they’re selling well and selling fast, so going all in on them can be financially rewarding from a sales […]

The Logo Design and Branding Trends of 2019

By Joseph Myers for Promo Marketing Psychologists and other experts frequently tell us that there exists no one way to live a good life, and, as more research emerges, trend followers are reporting that the same principle applies to logo design and branding pursuits. Through the Logo Lounge’s 2019 Logo Trend Report, businesses and prospective entrepreneurs can […]

Walmart Is Ditching the Blue Vests in Favor of Uniform Choices

By Brendan Menapace for Promo Marketing Walmart is hopping on two of the biggest trends in workplace attire: environmentally friendly fabrics and options for employees. The mega-retailer is doing away with its famous blue vests in favor of “modernized” gray vests made from recycled plastic bottles. The vests come with an option of pink, green, blue […]

Cheers! Bar & Restaurant Promotions

Promo Journal 5/30/2019 Lisa Schofield, Product Feature Going out to imbibe and enjoy food continues to be a favorite activity – and with the boom in “mom and pop” restaurants, as well as wine/beer/food fairs and festivals, food and drink related promos should be easy to sell! With over 600,000 restaurants and 62,000 bars in […]