Confirmed: Beer Makes People Happier


Gift-giving can be tricky, especially when you don’t really know the person you are buying for. Often in business settings, we don’t get the opportunity to see what our clients or business partners might like or dislike, which only adds an extra challenge in selecting the perfect gift. It’s hard enough to come up with […]

Sweeten Your Sales

Homemade hot chocolate with marshmallow for christmas. Top view

Once you gain a client, you want to keep that client right? For many, this isn’t the easiest thing. It takes strategy, organization, and drive to manage these relationships to ensure that your client comes back to you time and time again. According to the Harvard Business School, increasing customer retention rates by 5 percent […]

Fall Into Beanie Season

Smiling beautiful girl in knitted hat and red winter coat wrapping herself up in fur collar, outdoors

It’s that time of year when once again we all have to put our summer garments to the side and make way for something warmer. For some, the deterioration of warm weather feels like impending doom. For others it comes with a sigh of relief, knowing that the dog days of summer are finally over. […]

Imagine If It Was Green All Year Long


  What would Mother Nature think of your company? Today, the state of the environment remains a hot topic, and people everywhere are putting in effort to live greener.  In a recent survey, nearly 90% of respondents said they do what they can to live an environmentally friendly lifestyle. Additionally, according to a survey from Good. […]