“A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…” Well, you know the rest. This isn’t Star Wars, however, there is a new force in the galaxy…we call it the promotional apparel expansion! The Force of Apparel has been the leading product category in the promotional items industry since, well, before the first Star Wars came out. So, it’s been a really, really long time.

The exciting  part of apparel is that it’s constantly evolving. What has sparked this evolution, that might cause a revolution, is the amount of options we have as consumers. We are no longer stuck with the Farce, having to choose between Hans and Hans. Ooops, I mean Hanes and Hanes. We can choose from the Brand names you’ll find at retail. And choosing your favorite Brand is just the tip of the Asteroid!

It’s the light years options we have at our control: Do you want to be dry or cool? There cotton fabrics, performance fabrics, stain release, blends, uv protection, etc. The styles and fits: Men’s, Women’s, athletic fit, relax fit, Big & Tall, Therma Tech, waterproof, drop-needle, engineered patterns, and the list goes on. The Decoration options are state-of-the-art! Embroidery, screen printing, laser etching, debossing, sublimation, thermal transfers…and a lot more too. Managing the process of which fabrics work best with which decoration method can make your head spin faster than R2D2’s!

More choices means freedom from the Dark Side of limited styles, colors, and fabrics…Praise Yoda! Praise Edventure!

In today’s universe, you can order your favorite athletic Nike golf shirt for the rest of your pals at the office, but with your fancy logo on it. You can order a couple hundred dozen of your favorite  oxford button-down shirts with your company’s logo embroidered on the chest pocket. Your choices are endless, the quality is stupendous, and the responses are priceless.

No doubt about it, the apparel choices in today’s universe are a force to be reckoned with, but you have the force of Edventure to guide you. With our fashion-sensing light sabers and cost-minded powers, we fight to keep the Stormtroopers at bay so you can enjoy the thoughtfully curated collection of apparel we’ve assembled. Take a look for yourself or call us and we’ll take care of it for you.

Be sure to stay close as we lead the way through the ever-changing galaxy of Promotional Products. Beware of the Farce and may the FORCE be with you!