Dear Ed,
We are a regional franchisor with 165 total Franchisees and we are always looking to increase attendance at our trade show events. Having failed in the past, we heard that you are experts in creating promotional campaigns that have measurability. We really like direct mail as the method to grab the franchisee’s attention because it is personal and the person has to look at it and hopefully touch it, reaching two sensory points. You may ask, “Why do you continue to use direct mailing even though the results aren’t what you are looking for?” In my opinion you can’t get any more personal than sending something covered in your very own saliva. Also, we typically change themes every year. And since my employees are recent college graduates, the only themes that come to their minds are toga, highlighter, and anything but a cup party; and seeing how we would like to keep the title as a “professional” company, I had to go against those ideas. So Ed, what ideas do you have for us?




These are all great questions that I get asked a lot. And there is a much more detailed way to go about answering them, but before we do that, let’s first touch on a few things. Just like any great novel, we need to go about this promotion with a focus on a captivating beginning, intriguing middle, and climactic end. Let’s look at it step by step. Beginning: Make sure that your target audience will be in attendance: it doesn’t matter how good your marketing is if nobody is there to experience it. Middle: Once they’re there, how are you going to keep their attention, and why should they pay attention? (ie: introduce a new product, a new business, or just say hi) Ending: What do you do to have customers waiting in line to buy from you?

Your main area of concern seems to be the beginning; increasing attendance. And wanting to take the approach of direct mailing is fine, but you’re going to need more than a letter in an envelope to get noticed. How about creating invitations in the form of three-dimensional mailers. You would create excellent hype for the trade show by using products that relate to your theme, which I will go over with you later. Sending these mailers on a monthly basis will keep the trade show fresh on the minds’ of your targeted audience, increasing the likelihood that they will attend the event.

Okay, so we now have an idea, but we’re not done yet. It’s important to ask yourself a few more questions before we start deciding on which products to choose. And the questions that need to be answered are: How much does it cost you to get a new customer? How much is a new customer worth to your company? And how much do you want to spend on this item? Once you are able to answer these questions, give me a shout and we can get down to business and create a campaign that will not only reach, but surpass your goals!! Just like any book, you need to go about this promotion with a focus on the beginning, middle, and end.

Can’t wait to hear back from you, Ed