Winning at Tradeshows is no easy game. In fact, what might seem like one of the easiest decisions associated with trade shows… Is actually a lot more complicated. That decision being giveaways. An emerging promotional product trend in 2017 is that prospects are expecting higher-quality giveaways altogether… which means higher expectations for you and your company to live up to.

So how do you make sure you don’t fall short? Well, we’re here to help you turn some of those trade show giveaways into actionable leads.

We organized the process, named Tradeshow Bait into three simple steps. Cast Bait, Set the Hook, and Reel ‘em in!

The Bait is what you use to capture the attention of that specific audience you are trying to engage. It doesn’t really have to be shiny and spin, but it does need to be relevant and have some sort of utility or usefulness to its intended audience. The key is choosing the bait that will attract the type of customer you are trying to catch, rather than a bait that any prospect would bite at.

Bait should be items costing you less than $5.00/ea.

Possible BAIT Options




Upgrade your ear buds for these bright colorful ones, including a mic on the cable that allows you to talk on the phone hands-free.




phone stand



Either suction to the back of your phone or tablet and use as a stand, or remove the suction cup cover altogether to plug into an audio jack and use with two sets of ear buds!




fruit bottle



Looking to add flavor to your favorite drink? Check out this USA-made, BPA-free sports bottle with twist-on lid with flip-top drinking spout, including a twist-on fruit infuser.




Next, comes the Hook. The Hook is the call-to-action that asks your prospects to take the next step. Attached to the Bait, the Hook is often presented as a hang tag, an insert card or printed directly on the item. The hook essentially asks your prospect to do something specific.

Typically, the most successful Hook’s will lead your prospect to a custom designed landing apge which creates the ability to track activity and measure the engagement of your Promo-bait campaign.

So once you’ve lured their engagement with a measurable call to action, it’s time to reward. The Reel, presented on your Hook, is a high perceived value item that compels your prospect to take your call to action. The Reel creates the next opportunity to engage with your prospect. The most effective way to do this is to deliver the Reel in person.

Possible REEL Optionsswell bottle


Your beverages just got a whole lot better. Drinks stay cold for 24 hours and hot for 12… without any condensation on the outside, ever.  Keep your ice cold and your steam trapped with the perfect cap for leakage prevention





Hold your own beer tasting with this beer flight, which includes four 250ml glasses and a wood serving paddle painted with chalkboard paint so that you can easily identify which brew you are tasting.


We’ve suggested this process countless times to clients, and each time, it’s ended in success. Not only is it easy to follow, but the results are tangible and measurable… ensuring no money wasted!

Interested in learning more about our tradeshow bait? Visit where you can even calculate your next campaign with our ROI calculator and find out if it’s really worth investing money in.

Call 312.440.1800 or email and we’d love to help you through the process and make sure you get the results you’re looking for!