Gift-giving can be tricky, especially when you don’t really know the person you are buying for. Often in business settings, we don’t get the opportunity to see what our clients or business partners might like or dislike, which only adds an extra challenge in selecting the perfect gift. It’s hard enough to come up with gifts for those we do know well, let alone those we only know in a working capacity.

Drinking does wonders for the soul. It helps people take a load off and relax. It helps people reduce stress levels. It allows people to have fun when they’re over concerned with issues regarding work, family, friends, etc. But let’s be real here for a second: Alcoholism = BAD. However, according to a new set of studies, alcohol really does put the happy in happy hour…. In moderation of course.

Researchers from the University of Kent in the United Kingdom looked at how the relationship between happiness and drinking changes over time in two studies. In the first study, they used traditional survey methods, tracking how often they drank and changes in their mood in order to assess happiness levels and drinking habits of participants over a week-long period. In the second study, they used an innovative iPhone app to track moment-to-moment changes while the participants were enjoying happy hour.

So this holiday season, give your clients something to smile about.. Literally.

Leaving an Impression Starts with the Bottle Opener:

For many, beer is quite possibly the greatest creation on Earth. It improves our daily lives in just one sip. And with the holidays just around the corner, what better way to show clients you care than through beer? Because let’s be honest, beer is a great gift anytime of the year.

For beer lovers, the holidays mean an opportunity to get their hands on new toys to fuel their obsession. But don’t go beer shopping without some idea of what you’re looking for. With hundreds of labels staring back at you, there’s just too much going on to sort through it all.

No, we don’t actually mean send out a 6 pack of local suds, that won’t leave the kind of impression you’re looking for. So, what are we saying exactly?

The answer is simple: Don’t get beer. Get something beer-related. Unlike a six pack, these presents have staying power and broad appeal. Let us help you figure out which beer-related gifts to invest in this year.

Magnets and coasters are the perfect way to get your logo and message seen again and again, in a clever and creative way. Additionally, beer mug shaped stress relievers can help relieve stress during the workday before you can enjoy the liquid version.


pint-glassIf you’re looking for something with a bit more value to impress your clients, check out these stainless steel pint glasses, perfect at dining tables, picnics, outdoor events, the workplace, schools, camping and hiking. A great, stylish, alternative to plastic and glass cups! 


pitcherThis 60-ounce pitcher has a pour stout for ultimate convenience. Ideal for restaurants, catering services and banquets! Or try out these etched imprint European glasses, a classy option to really impress your clients.

Ready for a refill? Our double-wall stainless steel barrel mug will keep beverages at desired temperature.




Everybody loves a good beer stein glass. Whether you’re looking for something casual and fun, or simple and classic, we have tons of options. We even have stein glass shaped shot glasses for those that prefer the hard stuff.


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