Digital Overload
Source: Edventure Shop

In today’s society, everywhere you turn there is a digital message. You look at your phone and someone or some brand is trying to creep into your digital space to promote or sell you something.

When you listen to music online there are ads.

When you watch videos whether on TV, online or on-demand the ads are still there. Even on Facebook, you have the sponsored ads.

No matter where you turn consumers are being hit with advertisements.

Well, thanks to the digital overload that consumes our lives, physical products are making a comeback. Because spammers have and continue to dilute the effectiveness of email, we have come full circle as direct mail is again more responsive than email.

Direct mail achieves a 4.2% response rate compared to emails .07% response rate.

The digital overload is doing the same for physical products, including promotional products.

More and more people are looking for quality goods that can solve some problems in their life, even if it has a custom logo. Take for instance a typical water bottle.

People will always need drinkware, and the reusable bottle is becoming more and more popular, especially with new and unique styles relentlessly working to be more fashionable than the last!

But it doesn’t stop there.

Certain cities and states are passing laws that cast out plastic bags in supermarkets, which means people need tote bags to carry their groceries. If they can get one for free vs. paying $2, they will take it and love it.

Your brand will love it even more as people use these totes week-in and week-out.

The beautiful thing about the shift that the digital overload is producing is that it does not discriminate. Your consumer could be a millennial or a baby boomer.

The need is there, the products are useful and loyalty to your brand will continue to grow.