How long could you live off the grid? And how much business would you lose if you did? Nowadays, phones are more important than ever. Not just that, but people are beginning to use multiple tech devices throughout the day. And nothing… literally nothing, is more annoying than a dead battery.

According to Pew Research, 30% of cell-phone owners describe their phones as something they can’t live without. Additionally, 67% of cell-phone owners check their phones for messages, alerts, or calls, even when they don’t notice it vibrating or ringing.

Phones, along with the rest of our favorite tech gadgets, have become embedded into our everyday lives. We constantly need them charged and ready to go – and when they’re not… things can get pretty frustrating.

As the holidays get closer and closer, so do the deadlines for holiday gifting. Every business knows, or at least should know, relationships matter. Building and maintaining relationships are what keep your company afloat and are absolutely essential to making sales. So this holiday season, let the people who support and patronize your business know how much you appreciate them. Start catering to your customers’ technology needs with custom power banks.

Not only are power banks compatible with every phone, whether it’s iPhone, Android, Motorola, HTC, etc., but you can also use them to charge GPS devices, iPad’s, and other tablets.

Turn a cool tech gift into a useful marketing tool. Every time recipients charge up their phone or tech device (so… most likely daily), they’ll be reminded of your business! Plus, power banks come in virtually all shapes, sizes, colors and patterns. You can design power banks to fit your brand and campaign perfectly, no matter what your end goal is.

Bigger Isn’t Always Better

Yes. They’re small, slim and sleek… but don’t let their size fool you, power banks are able to fully charge iPhones or other tech devices in the most convenient way possible. With the amount of time professionals spend on the road, in the air, and in hotel rooms, power banks are the perfect travel accessory – making them excellent executive gifts.

It’s one of the best ways to reinforce your innovative thinking. Remember the right product can help tell your story, and your story is what people will remember about your brand. Whether you’re looking for something simple and effective to get the job done or you’d prefer something with a bit more spark, Edventure has got you covered.

So… how can you make sure you truly get the best bang for your buck? Let us help you with that, I mean, it is our job.

power-banks1Sometimes, basic really is best. Both our
Aluminum Power Tube and our Double Flat Power Bank provide just the right amount of charge, and are small enough to take with you anywhere.

Looking for something with a bit more flare? Two-in-one power banks offer exactly that. This multi-function 2 watt aluminum power bank can charge your smartphone and doubles as a LED flashlight, for all your lighting needs.

powerbank2Charge your electronic device AND listen to music while on the go with
this rechargeable power bank and speaker. OR simultaneously charge both your tablet and smartphone, with the multi-functional 900 mAh power bank featuring a compact design perfect for those on the move!

speakerThe flat build on
this power bank allows for a large imprint area, and an easy fit for laptop cases, briefcases and purses. It also features an LED flashlight and power indicator lights,

Compact chargers, of all shapes and sizes, keep mobile devices powered up, whether they’re being used for streaming music, checking email, or watching video. So no matter what your customer is doing, your company will remain top of mind all day long.


Find out how much energy the battery in your device can store by clicking here.

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