Promotional products are much more than a product you hand out to potential customers that have your logo and contact information on it. A product needs to be a representation of your brand. A perfect example of that is NPR.

NPR's Tote Bags

Image Credit: NPR Shop Twitter Account

Yes, the people behind the National Public Radio Network. For almost their entire existence, 44-years to be exact, they have been toting around a branded tote.

NPR uses their branded tote bag as a “thank you” to their donors. They even have demonstrated an ROI for the tote bags. From their estimates, the tote bag costs $5 a bag and the donors give at least $60 for one of them. Not a bad return on investment and a great way to raise funds.

Beyond the numbers, NPR has stumbled upon the perfect promotional product to represent both the brand and their audience.

As Barbara Sopato, the director of consumer products for NPR, says, “It was an easy giveaway, affordable and useful. That’s what fits in with public radio. It’s very affordable, very useful. We’re grassroots people.”

The strategy of using branded merchandise like totes have done wonders for their brand. As Barbara mentions, the product itself is more than a product. It represents who they are, what NPR stands for, and their audience. A promotional product is so much more than what it seems. The quintessential example is NPR.

You can read the full article of NPR’s toting tote bags on The Atlantic.