Did you know heat kills more people each year than Tornadoes, Floods, and Lightning?

Did you know if left untreated, heat exhaustion can quickly turn to a heat stroke?

Did you know heat strokes can lead to permanent disability or even death?


Wearing the right clothes and hydrating are an absolute priority to keep you cool when it comes to construction work or any outdoor work for that matter. While it may not seem it, heat is more dangerous than any other weather related hazard.

Pretty scary, huh?

I’m sure at this point, you’re wondering… Well how do I keep both myself and my crew cool and safe this summer?

Well, Edventure has your answer and it starts with prevention.


Prevention Is Our Specialty

Heat exhaustion is a serious illness triggered by insufficient body fluids and prolonged exposure to heat. Symptoms include dizziness, tiredness, clammy skin, extreme thirst, muscle cramps, and sometimes nausea or vomiting.

Did you know that hydration is the number one cause for heat related illness? Our stay cool bottles are the perfect product for staying hydrated and avoiding heat exhaustion on the site, ensuring that you stay hydrated for extended periods of time.

A heat stroke occurs when the body’s cooling system fails and the body can no longer regulate its temperature. Warning signs include body temperature changes, dry skin, a rapid pulse, disorientation, or unconsciousness.

To help regulate your body temperature and keep it from getting too hot, cooling towels are an easy and foolproof solution. By hanging one of our customizable chill towels around your neck, you are instantly protecting your neck from sunburn and keeping cool.

However, heat stress is not the ONLY hot-weather safety concern. When working in the heat, your crew may develop sweaty palms, which can create problems if they are hauling equipment or swinging tools. Hot equipment can also burn unprotected workers. Additionally, workers who become dizzy from the heat are at risk of falling or injuring themselves.

On top of staying hydrated and cooling your body down with chill towels, apparel is CRUCIAL to staying safe on the site. Not all apparel and products out there are designed specifically to protect construction workers on the job, and not all companies are aware of this. Prevent harm chill-bottlesthe right way, while we prevent you from buying the wrong apparel and products from the wrong companies.

The proper heat prevention apparel is lightweight, light colored, and reflective to help against the sun. For example, these high-visibility t-shirts work almost as hard as you do. With 100% polyester Force Fabric Wicks moisture and reflective taping on the front and back, they are a must-have on the job site.


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