SnowEd In -The Great Chicago Blizzard of 11′

‘Weather’ you were scoffing at the weather man’s predictions and the mass hysteria that ensued, or stood in lines at stores that were comparable to the Batman ride at Six Flags, you’re life was affected in some way by the blizzard. You have by now watched more hours of the news in one day than you do all week and you still cannot fathom being stuck on LSD (Lake Shore Drive for the non-Chicagoans.) And for those of you who had a rough trip on the LSD, and then my heart goes out to you. I don’t know how long I would have made it. Either way, for the believers and non-believers, the blizzard of 11′ hit hard.

So you’ve survived the blizzard of 11′. Now what?

If you are under the age of 13, I am sure you are out playing in the snow, kudos to you! As for the rest of us, well those who did have to go into work today – again my heart goes out to you, the rest of you are probably thinking, “what do I do now?” “I haven’t had a snow day since I was a kid. Can I – as an adult – go play in the snow?” “Is anything open?” “Should I be working still?” “How many days till spring?”

Do not fret my friends; Edventure Promotions is here to help you with the hard-hitting questions.

1. Yes, you can go play in the snow. While the Eskimos allegedly have 18 different words for it, snow is also part of the universal language for “fun,” so go have some. [Note: please dress accordingly, because “frost bite” is not universal for “fun.”]

2. Yes, there are things open, however I would call first to make sure. So far I have seen plenty of pictures via Facebook of friends supporting their local businesses starting happy hour early today to help stimulate the economy in these trying times.

3. No, you should not be working. As one man on the news put it (credible source of course) it’s like a paid holiday. Enjoy!

4. 46 days until spring, get your cool-lots out!

And now for the important info. Here at Edventure we like to make sure everyone is informEd: