The competitive marketplace continues to get more and more, well…competitive. There is no better way to state it. The competition is not more dense, but more fierce. It’s a dog-eat-dog world. A business must use any possible opportunity to differentiate themselves from the competition.

What might be the biggest surprise to you is learning what some of the biggest companies, within industries you wouldn’t imagine, are doing to demonstrate their differences.  

It's Better To Be NYT MugThe competitive news markets have been and continue to use specialized products to stand out from the crowd. The Wall Street Journal now sells wine and steak knives. The Atlantic sells baby gear like pacifiers and onesies. The New York Times sells products like baseball hats, coffee mugs, personalized pepper mills, and even porcelain-encased perfume bottles.

It’s astonishing the products that companies are using to separate themselves from the competition, but it works. The customers appreciate these items because they are looked at as collectibles. These unique, tastefully branded items provide a tangible connection between a business and it’s patrons.

Not everyone will have a set of WSJ steak knives or a NYT personalized pepper mill. But those t's Better To Be Atlantic Onesiethat do have a loyalty to those brands which is what every company intends to achieve. Yet, we all know, not every company achieves this level of commitment from their customers.

It’s clear that the news markets are listening to their audience and giving them more of what they want. In return the customers are supporting the company and giving them their loyalty, which spills over to profits.

For your company to keep fighting the good fight to stay ahead of your competition, the difference simply could be a well thought out and well designed promotional product that will be one of a kind.

You have to step out of the box to even have a box to stand in.