The sun is blazing and the sweat is dripping. The kids are chasing down ice-cream trucks and running through sprinklers. Summer is in its peak and with it, the desire to keep ourselves as cool as possible!

Men and women adorned in their professional duds are dodging the walks down the street as much as they can, to prevent their clothes from getting drenched.

Runners are hitting their routes either before the sunrise or after the sun sets.

But people’s whose livelihood depend on working outdoors, the summertime is the peak season for dehydration and heat exhaustion. While most people are doing everything they can to hide from the extreme heat, these folks have no choice but to face it head on.

They are the hard working Americans this country was built on. Unfortunately, construction workers are at an increased risk of suffering from dehydration or succumbing to heat related illnesses due to summer weather conditions.

However, construction workers do have the amazing opportunity to work and chill with the best thing since slice bread…the chill towel.


Beat the Heat

The Chill Towel was created specifically for construction workers. Once activated, the Chill TowelSummer And Chill 3 transforms into heat-beating happiness.

Inside the chill towel is a layer of brilliance. To activate, you simply wet the towel and gently wring out the excess water, then slap ’em on for hours of sweet cooling relief and comfort.

Made with hyper-evaporative material that’s the latest in cooling innovation, this Poly-vinyl Acetal (PVA) material retains water while remaining dry to the touch to provide sweet cooling relief on those sweltering days.


Chill Construction Workers, Are Productive Construction Workers

The best way to keep your group of construction workers productive is by…well, keeping them happy.

Summer And Chill 1What better way to keep them happy than by helping them stay cool against the beating heat with a chill towel?

You can’t imagine the sense of gratitude they’ll feel with a small gift from their employer that says, “We appreciate you. We are looking out for you.”

A branded chill towel from their employer will go a long, long way. So, don’t hesitate to get your chill towels ordered and shipped. Your construction workers will be forever grateful.



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