Summer is coming to an end and we all know what that means…. Bring on pumpkin flavored everything, apple picking, bonfires, haunted houses, and other fall festivities.

So yes, we all know what fall means for ‘basic’ girls everywhere… but what about for your company?

What if you could be fashionable, comfortable and warm all at the same time?

Well with fleece you can, so it’s no surprise that it’s always on trend for fall weather apparel. Even those who mourn the end of summer welcome the comfort of the fabric when cold weather approaches.

Think about what clothing you wear most often, it’s probably something comfortable, right?

So why not be comfortable at work, too? That’s the great thing about fleece, it appeals to everyone and can be worn just about anywhere. By placing your logo on a stylish, soft, comfortable, fleece style, it’ll be worn again and again, adding value to fleece as a branding vehicle.

The Versatility Factor

Imagine a product that offers a no-nonsense simple solve to a mixture of fall and winter weather woes.

Fleece is exactly that. There are so many ways to wear it, whether it’s over a t-shirt, or a button down, as a jacket, or layered under a heavier piece for colder temperatures.

Layered looks are one area fleece excels in. Soft shell jackets— a layering necessity, provide style, warmth and performance in one.

It also adapts well to trends. Things like soft shells and seam-sealed jackets are no longer just for outdoor enthusiasts. In fact, there’s a continued demand for brands to breathe some functionality and technical performance into workplace and lifestyle apparel.

Additionally, 100% polyester fleece not only wicks moisture away from your body, but it looks sharp too! On the outside, it maintains its shape and color, on the inside, spun polyester is super soft and comfortable. Double whammy!

Three-in-one system jackets are another perfect way to conquer the changing temperatures of the season, arming you with two separate removable layers  to be worn as separates or combine the two as the third option (which can all be individually branded) to keep anyone warm and comfortable in varying environments.

Fleece is also stylish! Think ponchos, tunics, wraps and over sized shirts that can be paired with leggings for a comfy way to stay fashionable.

Fleece Items for Fall

Given its versatility and comfortability, there are endless products to choose from with fleece, so where should you start?
We have gathered a few of the most popular fleece options that will make anyone feel warm, comfortable, and stylish throughout the fall AND winter seasons.


Victory Hybrid Performance Fleece Jacket Styles:

Celebrate the everyday victories by sporting these hybrid performance fleece jackets. Combining lightweight polyester ripstop with moisture-wicking performance fleece, you’ll feel ready to achieve your daily goals with protection and style. Cover your core, without sacrificing mobility with journey style fleece vests.




Journey Fleece Styles

These journey style fleece jackets serve as the ultimate versatile pullover to keep you warm for any season. This lightweight jacket features ½ zip collar design to protect yourself on a cold windy day, heading to the gym, going out for a morning jog or simply walking to class or work.  If you are looking for a new go to jacket for the season, or simply looking for a new fleece to layer with while hitting the slopes, the Journey is your jacket! They are also available in vest style, for lighter coverage.






Gravity performance Fleece Jacket Styles

Loaded with Visual appeal and dynamic details, this performance fleece jacket incorporates contrast cover stitching design, while its audio port access accommodates your personal audio device when you’re on the go.




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