Trade shows! Love’em, Hate’em or Love to Hate them! You’ve spent a lot of money on your booth, your signage, travel and your overall presence, so what is one of the most impactful and cost effective promotional  items to extend your message/brand once your prospect leaves your booth?  

There are a slew of reasons to use promotional products which you can read in our “Why use promotional products” EDbook.

Well, you don’t have to go for high-dollar promotional products; just a simple trade show campaign, using the right promotional product can bring more benefits than going big-ticket.

Cleaning Up At Trade Shows

One of the best options is microfiber cloths. They’re a fantastic way to create measurable and memorable results in a trade show setting.

They have more ‘marketing real estate’ than most products as they’re big enough to print your call-to-action directly on the cloth itself.  If you include a pouch, your business card will be a natural addition.  

Microfiber cloths let you combine both your branding and your call-to-action in one clean package. Taking advantage of a full-color, full-bleed logo on the cloth, you’ll get a bigger bang for your buck.  

And every time someone uses your cloth, your advertising message is literally in the palm of their hands! .

To get an idea on how to use microfiber cloths during a trade show check out how The Millard Group got a 2400% ROI. (‘earned’ instead of ‘got’

Being Useful Is Most Important

Why are the cloths so appealing?  People want them, people need them, and people don’t throw them away.  Your prospects will use the cloth several times a day and potentially even refer to the cloth by your message, i.e. “…have you seen my Edventure cleaning cloth?”.  

They can leave one in the car, in the purse or traveling bag, glasses case or at the desk to clean computer screens.  The cloths have more versatility than any other product in the industry.


Here are a few of our favorite microfiber cloths:

Microfiber Cleaning ClothSuper soft microfiber cleaning cloth. Utilize your own images including full-color photography. Ideal for eyeglasses, mobile devices, computer screens, monitor screens, collectibles, camera lenses, iPads, and tablets.

Thin Microfiber Smart ClothSmart Cloth Thin transforms a traditional promotional microfiber gift into a truly memorable brand experience. As the first of its kind, it features the protection of an antimicrobial coating, brushed finish, vibrant color, and uniquely contoured shape enhancing its look, feel and function.

Smart Cloth Premium MicrofiberPromote brands and clean dirt, dust, and smudges from any smartphone, tablet, camera or eyeglass lens with The Original Smart Cloth! Fully customizable, it features plush microfiber that cleans and silky microfiber that polishes. This dual-sided screen cleaner is a promotional tech gift that customers love to keep around. Gift something they’ll love, gift The Original Smart Cloth.


Of course, even the most expensive promotional product is not going to automatically bring qualified prospects.  And having useful items to hand out at your trade show booth doesn’t create traffic on their own.  

Just remember – attractive, well-received promotional products that don’t break the bank will set you apart from the crowd, especially during trade shows. A well designed microfiber cloths is that exact type of promotional product.
For more information on our different microfiber cloths, ask your Edventure creative consultant or click here.