You’re coming up to the end of another calendar year in the corporate world, but wait… don’t wrap things up quite yet. With the holiday season making its way into the spotlight, you want to make sure to choose the perfect corporate gifts. If you wait too long, you’ll end up with cheap branded mugs you just can’t seem to give away.

Nobody wants to be thought of as the company known for being cheap, impersonal, or completely off the mark. The items you choose to gift out this year will directly reflect you and your brand’s image. So, don’t simply send to send. Be thoughtful and think strategically. Your goal is to choose gifts that will keep your company top of mind, show that you care and reflect the recipient’s taste.

Yes. We know, choosing gifts is a stressful process. You run the risk of sending something that your clients will not utilize or like.

Luckily, there is one category of corporate gifts that is not only simple and useful, but also a crowd favorite… wine related gifts!

For the Wino in Everyone

When it comes to wine, we all know someone who is a total wacko. They refuse to drink anything cheap and take forever to choose a wine at restaurants; whereas others only know wine in two categories: red or white. Either way, the best strategy when it comes to booze related gifts is to skip the drinks altogether, and give them a wine tool or accessory instead. That way, nobody is left unhappy.

Whether you’re more carefree about your wine choices or a bit more particular, we have something for everyone.

Simply place your logo onto one of our stylish wine stoppers or openers, and ensure your customers are thinking of you year round. Or send your client a spirit companion, a clever bottle shaped tool that serves five unique functions: corkscrew, bottle opener, knife blade, serrated blade and magnifying glass for label reading. Both provide a perfect way to show those who do business with you that you appreciate them and want them to enjoy themselves.

Keeping your wine fresh is a priority, but it’s not always the easiest thing to do once the bottle has already been opened. These brightly colored wine bottle stoppers make an airtight seal and keep wine tasting almost as amazing as the day it was opened. Plus, they fit any bottle and are dishwasher safe.

corkkkkSometimes an invention comes along that’s so simple and sensible, you wonder why it took so damn long. The Corkcicle is one of those items. It’s designed to keep white wine perfectly chilled, every time. Simply freeze The Corkcicle prior to use to maintain its temperature for chilled whites and even bring those heavier room temperature reds down to more suitable drinking temperatures. It even doubles as a bottle stopper!

For busy professionals always on the go, try out this stemless wine tumbler that easily fits into your hand with insulation and material that keeps your wine chilled longer than glass or crystal. It’s the perfect wine ‘glass’ for camping, bonfires, and other outdoor events!

Still not impressed? Check out this amazing Wine Connoisseur 4 Piece Gift Set by Brookstone, the winerultimate gift for every wino. With Beverage Tasting Institute approved Aero that breathes wine in under 30 seconds, an easy to use foil cutter, aerating stems for bottles or glasses, a wine stopper preserver plus more, this set has it all and is sure to sway your clients.

Check out our shop for more wine related gifts, perfect for keeping your business relationships strong during the holidays.

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