Imagine if your promotional product could be used to transmit changing and up-to-date information to your potential client – including contact details and calls-to-action – and could drive leads to your website, social media or other resource?

It can.

NFC technology is an exploding technical resource, with sales expected to grow to over $23 billion by 2023 (Marketwatch). The applications for this in the promotional world are limited only by your imagination and we can help you to determine the best use for your brand.  So what is NFC?  You probably already use it in the form of Google or Apple Pay.  But, for the average application – what do you need to know?

According to, an NFC (Near Field Communication) tag is a passive, un-powered, small physical item that can interact with NFC devices and NFC phones. NFC tags contain an NFC chip and an antenna.


  • Product Type: NFC tags come in many physical forms intended for specific environments and use cases. Choose the appropriate product type based on how and where the NFC tag will be used, and the type of device (phone) and user that will be performing the interaction.
  • NFC Chip Type: Each NFC chip type has its own set of technical features, user memory size and API. The most common NFC chip type is the NXP NTAG213; other NFC chip types should only be used for an explicit reason.
  • Size and Shape: NFC tags come in a range of sizes and shapes. The larger the tag, typically the larger the antenna.

Use Cases

  • Consumer engagement; driving users to an online resource; website, video, social profile…
  • Uniquely identifying a physical product and verifying its authenticity
  • Connect toys to their digital counterpart in games
  • Small memory data storage for a specific physical item

NFC technology is our future.  And we, for one, are ready to grab hold.  Wanna join us?