Be Warned! This blog contains subject matter that may be detrimental to your relationship’s bliss. Please proceed at your own risk!

While almost 40% of marriages don’t last longer than 8 years, you’d be hard-pressed to find a t-shirt or sweatshirt to last 30 years, right? Most of us have been in a battle to save our favorite t-shirt or college sweatshirt even though you couldn’t be seen wearing them in public without being looked at as if you live in your car! Fear not, you t-shirt hoarding, memory-savoring sentimentalists! British designer Tom Cridland has created two long-lasting wardrobe staples that will easily see light of days until the year 2045.

Tom first launched the 30 year sweatshirt as a Kickstarter campaign. Immediately, that shot him into the limelight getting his product instant press. Now, he is back with the 30 year t-shirt that is being sold on Indiegogo.

Tom is going the unconventional route by providing a long-lasting product, which is completely against the norm in today’s fashion world. Barnardo’s conducted a study that analyzed the habits of 1,500 women that revealed that each new clothing item averaged seven wears. Wow! Seven?! That’s it?

Well, Tom is on to something here. Although, he does consider himself a designer, not someone going for a gimmicky fashion line. Don’t expect an entire line of 30 year products to roll out anytime soon. Regardless, it is great to see someone like Tom reverting back to long lasting, high quality products that we were so accustomed to seeing back in the 50’s and 60’s.

If you are looking for a high quality, long lasting t-shirt or sweatshirt for your next order, we’ll be more than happy to contact Tom for you.

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